Embark on a unique journey through time with a Past Life Regression. Delve into your past incarnations, uncovering lessons, connections, and experiences that may hold the key to understanding your present self. Contact me to book your appointment or find out more.

Is Past Life Regression real?

In a Past Life Regression (PLR) session, people seem to be able to access memories that couldn’t possibly belong to them – from earlier times in history and far distant places that they have never visited. We use the term ‘past life regression’ to describe these experiences as if we are certain that’s what they are, but there are many explanations for what might be going on.

That depends on what you consider “real”. It’s certainly real in the sense that people can experience these stories, and they feel like genuine memories. Whether it’s real in the sense of providing evidence of reincarnation will depend on your religious, spiritual, and personal views. 

What is Past Life Regression?

Different people have put forward different explanations. Such as:

  • It’s evidence of reincarnation – they are genuine memories from one of your past lives.
  • It’s biological – a result of cell or gene memory.
  • It’s identification – you are unconsciously drawn to an experience as a person who has characteristics you share or would like to have.
  • It’s imagination – your subconscious mind creates the experience just as it creates a dream, possibly based on films, pictures, stories and books you’ve come across.
  • It’s telepathy – you are somehow tapping into someone else’s mind across history.

And so on. In fact, there may not be just one explanation. Perhaps some are reincarnation, some are telepathy or gene memory and some are imagination. At present, it’s impossible to know for sure and, as I said, your preferred explanation is likely to be linked to your beliefs.

Despite what you might have read, in my experience, most people do not claim to be Cleopatra or any other significant historical figure. After all, there can only be one reincarnated Cleopatra alive now in the whole world. The chances of her walking into my therapy room in Normanton seem very small! I don’t want to seem cynical when I say this and hope you will take it as it was meant – humorously – but, across human history, most people live quite ordinary lives. The lives described in past life experiences reflect this.

Despite that, or maybe because of it, they are fascinating and often touch on themes and patterns that are important to you now, giving you insight into your values, interests and ideas.

Can I have a Past Life experience?

Because of the varying explanations available, people undertake a past life experience for lots of different reasons. Some are driven by curiosity. Some have an interest in reincarnation, psychology, biology, or even history. Others want to explore past lives to explain or shed light on events, attitudes and even phobias they have now.

It doesn’t really matter where you think they come from, undergoing a past life regression can be a wonderful experience and I am happy to work with you, whatever your beliefs.

You can undertake a regression with me in the following ways:

  • a one-off experience, perhaps out of curiosity,
  • a series of sessions exploring multiple past lives,
  • as part of therapy, especially if you feel your phobia, anxiety or other issue has been carried from a previous life. Dr. James Paul Pandarakalam said, “PLR can be beneficial for personal development” and that “the therapeutic value of PLR is no different from that of other forms of psychotherapy”[1].

Whichever way you approach it, the experience often highlights messages or themes that benefit you emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually or improve your well-being.

Is past life regression safe?

The experience can be emotional but is safe in the hands of a well-trained practitioner. However, as I’ve said above, past life memories can sometimes touch on things that are important to you in your life today or bring up present life issues that need further exploration or resolution. If this happens, I’m happy to advise on how best to do this.

I am a member of the Past Life Regression Therapists Association.

member of the past life therapists association

To book a session, in my office in Normanton or online, please get in touch. The fee is £120 for a one-and-a-half to two-hour session [2] and I will email you a transcript within a week of the appointment.

[1] A Search for the Truth of Past Life Regression, by Dr. James Paul Pandarakalam
[2] Very rarely, someone can’t seem to get in touch with a past life experience in the session. This has happened to my clients just once or twice over the 20+ years I’ve been in practice. I reduce my fee to 50% of the usual if this happens, just to cover my time. If you prefer to try again another day at no further charge instead, I’m happy to offer this.