Your journey to quit smoking begins with a single step. Hypnotherapy can be your guide, providing tools to help you overcome cravings, reframe your relationship with smoking, and pave the way towards a life of freedom and vitality. Contact me to find out more about how I can help you.

Or read on to discover more about hypnotherapy and smoking generally.

How successful is hypnosis to quit smoking?

  • Li, Chen et al (2019) reported that ‘smokers reported decreased craving after hypnosis’
  • Shakil (2019) looked at smokers who had hypnosis sessions and reported that ‘All three clients in the study reported a full recovery after a year with 95 – 100% satisfaction level with the practice of self-hypnosis and auto-suggestions post-treatment.’ (He also recommended that larger studies are needed to confirm his results).
  • Viswesvaran et al (1992) looked at 633 different studies of smoking cessation and concluded that self-care methods do not appear to be as effective as formal intervention methods and that hypnosis had around twice the success rate of NRT interventions like nicotine gum and medication).

Although these results are very positive, you can see that (like patches, willpower and every other method) hypnosis wasn’t right for everyone. Choice is always part of the decision to quit smoking and (whatever method you use) you have to actively make that choice in order to be successful.

However, if you’re ready to quit, hypnosis might be just the support you’re looking for.

Quitting smoking with hypnotherapy

Why do you want to stop smoking? Is it to escape from the health risks and expense? Or to gain the benefits of being a non-smoker? Are you trying to get pregnant, and want to quit smoking for the sake of the baby?  Are you not quite ready to stop, but would like to cut down on cigarettes?

The two programmes I offer for those who want to quit smoking offer differing levels of support. Contact me to discuss which is the best quit-smoking programme for you, or decide from the descriptions.

Do you feel that you smoke purely out of habit? Have you quit for more than a month successfully in the past? If yes, then this is the programme for you as it focuses on giving you the boost you need to ditch the habit. There are 4 basic steps most of which you carry out at home.

  1. Effective Preparation. You prepare for any big change in your life and quitting the cigs should be no different. When you book your appointment, I'll send you some suggestions for preparing to become a non-smoker. There will be some tasks for you to carry out before you come for your session.
  2. The Quit Session. This will last between 90 minutes and 2 hours. We'll spend about half of this time chatting about you and your relationship with smoking, dealing with any worries you have about becoming a permanent non-smoker and planning your hypnotherapy. During the other half, we'll be working in hypnosis.
  3. Keeping the momentum going. I'll give you a pack of information to take home, including a hypnotic audio designed to help boost your confidence and focus your mind on staying stopped, plus hints, tips and techniques that you can use to help you with the transition to becoming a non-smoker.
  4. The Safety Net (if you need it). If, within 3 months, you are tempted to return to smoking (or decide you can have "just one" and find out you can't!), become stressed, gain weight, or substitute another unhealthy habit for smoking, you can return for a session to address this at no further cost.


Have you struggled to quit in the past, even for a short time? Do you smoke to help you control your stress or weight, or to deal with your emotions? If there is more to your smoking than just a habit, this programme provides extra sessions for more support.

There are 4 steps to this one too, but it includes at least three hypnotherapy sessions so we can address the wider issues that might get in the way of you successfully stopping smoking. There will be information to take home at each session and tasks to complete between them.


  1. A lifestyle review, lasting around 90 minutes. We will look at how and where you use smoking and what the problems have been with quitting in the past. Then we'll use hypnotherapy to help establish new, healthier coping strategies.
  2. Preparation to quit session, lasting 60-90 minutes. We'll review how things are going after the first session, and discuss the best way to prepare for your quitting session. Hypnotherapy can help you relax and boost your motivation ready for the big day.
  3. The Quit session, lasting around 60 minutes. Pulling together all we have done before this session, we will aim to get you off cigarettes for good.
  4. The Safety Net (if you need it). If, within 3 months of the quit session, you are tempted to return to smoking (or think you can have "just one" and find out you can't!), become stressed, gain weight, or substitute another unhealthy habit for smoking, you can return for another session to address this at no further cost.

These programmes are based on my experience of the needs of most of the smokers I work with.  They are focused on you and your needs, so they are suitable for those who smoke pipes or cigars as well as those who smoke cigarettes or vape. (Find out more about coming off vapes, patches or gum using hypnotherapy on this link.)

Both programmes include free support audios and other material.

I offer a discount if two people from the same household want to quit smoking; the two appointments must be held on the same day to qualify.

If you’re ready to take back control and ditch the nicotine, please contact me to make an appointment. I can offer these in my office in Normanton, or online.