If you lack confidence or self-esteem, hypnotherapy can help you break free from self-limiting beliefs and develop healthy levels of confidence. We work on building a solid foundation of self-esteem, so you navigate life’s ups and downs with improved resilience. To find out more about how I can help you …

About self esteem and confidence

Self-esteem and confidence are different but related beliefs that we have about ourselves.

Confidence is about what we think we can do and how we see our abilities in different situations. So you might have confidence that you can cook a souffle but not that you can draw an elephant. (OK, these are pretty silly examples, but bear with me.) Among other things, low confidence can be caused by:

  • being asked to do a task we’re not comfortable or familiar with,
  • being in a new situation,
  • being asked to do something that’s turned out badly in the past.

It can make you feel anxious and uncertain in situations where you don’t feel confident.

Self-esteem is more about who we think we are, and how we rate our overall worth as a person. It affects us in every situation. If you assess your own worth negatively, knowing you can cook a souffle to perfection doesn’t change this. If you have healthy self-esteem, you don’t judge yourself for not being able to draw an elephant.

Poor self-esteem may be caused by:

  • ongoing stressful situations such as long-term physical pain or chronic illness, relationship breakdowns,
  • unsupportive relationships in childhood or when you are an adult, bullying,
  • trauma or abuse now or in the past,
  • mood disorders such as depression or anxiety.

This can cause you to be very critical of yourself, to focus on your mistakes or blame yourself unfairly for things that go wrong, to think that you don’t deserve to be happy and successful, or to avoid challenges or changes that might improve things.

Hypnotherapy to improve confidence and self-esteem

We all lack confidence at times. But if low confidence or lack of self-esteem is seriously affecting your relationships and quality of life, or stopping you from getting on with things you want to do, it’s never too late to do something about it.

Hypnotherapy can help you build resilience, increase confidence, and raise your self-esteem. The number of sessions you need will depend on you and your circumstances, but I am happy to advise, or you can book a free Discovery Session to chat things through in more detail.

As you’ll have seen elsewhere on this site, a therapist cannot simply click their fingers and compel you to change. You’ll need to practice and use the techniques you learn in the sessions. But if you are willing to do this, things can get better.

To get you started, download this free tip sheet.

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