Hypnotherapy for confidence and self esteem

A healthy level of confidence and self-esteem comes from being sure of your worth as a person; from knowing that you matter to the people who matter to you; from acknowledging your own talents and strengths; from being able to learn from honest, constructive criticisms and reject damaging ones.

Those who suffer from low self-esteem or who lack confidence have trouble seeing their own very real skills and talents; they tend to worry too much about what others think of them or about mistakes they might make and they may suffer from what's often called 'imposter syndrome' - a feeling that their successes are down to luck rather than skill or personal qualities.

They're likely to hold back in their careers or in doing new things because they worry about failing.

People with high self-esteem and confidence are generally happy and feel good about themselves. They do not need to bully or intimidate others but will do what they know is right without worrying about what other people think. They don't think they are good at everything, either: it's more that they accept themselves as they really are, and feel good about who and what that reality is.

Improve your confidence and self-esteem

confidence3Among other things, low confidence can be caused by

  • being asked to do a task we're not comfortable or familiar with
  • being in a new situation
  • being asked to do something that's turned out badly in the past
  • having a general lack of belief in our own abilities or self-worth

We all lack confidence at times. But if low confidence or lack of self-esteem is seriously affecting your relationships and quality of life, or stopping you getting on with things you want to do, it's never too late to do something about it.

You can help yourself and there are some tips on my blog on the subject, but if that isn't enough, hypnotherapy can help you build a better level of confidence and self-esteem. Please contact me to see how hypnotherapy can help you.

Remember that if you think your lack of confidence might be related to a condition requiring medical treatment, you should begin with a check-up at your GP.

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