Free therapies for Armed Forces Personnel

Hypno 4 Heroes

help 4 heroesHypno 4 Heroes was established in June 2012 on the occasion of the Queen's Jubilee by hypnotherapist Brian Glenn to offer 100% free hypnotherapy to serving members of the Armed Forces. I am happy to offer my stress management and EMDR services as well as hypnotherapy.

You can book directly through me, but please note the following terms and conditions:


Therapies 4 Forces

T4FThe goal of Therapies 4 Forces is to provide free complementary therapies of all kinds to improve the overall wellbeing of service men and women throughout the UK. The services are also open to ex-service personnel and the families of qualifying personnel. I offer hypnotherapy, relaxation skills, stress management and EMDR.

If you would like to receive free treatment, please contact Therapies 4 Forces - I can only accept referrals from them to offer free therapy under this scheme. You can get in touch via their website,



Not in Yorkshire?

Both organisations have volunteers in other areas too. Please contact them for details of who operates in your area.

If you are a therapist and would like to volunteer you can also contact Hypno4Heroes or T4F via their sites.