7 ways to boost your self esteem

 A good level of self-esteem helps us deal with life better, but sometimes it takes a knock. How can you rebuild it so you feel happier and more confident?

  1. tips to boost your confidenceRemember that you are special and unique and that you deserve as much consideration from others as you give to them.

  2. Don't judge yourself only on the things you feel you did wrong or that need improvement. By all means, learn from your failures, and be ready to do better next time. But notice your strengths and the things you're good at as well.

  3. Think - what do your friends and loved ones like about you? Ask them if you have to! Try to reinforce those qualities and be even better at those things.

  4. Never compare yourself with others. Everybody is different and you have good qualities that no other person has.

  5. Don't put yourself down; nobody's perfect.

  6. Accept that it's normal to make mistakes. If you make one, take responsibility for it, apologise, and try to put it right.

  7. Having friends who are positive about life's challenges can influence you into seeing life in the same light, and eventually help to build your self-esteem.





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