Are there guarantees for hypnotherapy?


is hypnotherapy guaranteedIf you are considering using hypnotherapy to resolve some problem in your life, you have probably done some reading around on the subject. (Good for you - you absolutely should!)

You have probably heard that hypnosis is very effective; maybe even that it can be a 'miracle cure'. It may be quite a big investment for you in terms of time, money and effort. So it might seem reasonable to ask if I can offer a guarantee solve whatever problem you are dealing with.

Can I guarantee hypnosis?

It's only honest to say that the answer is no, I can't make any guarantees about what level of success you'll get. Nor should any other therapist, hypno- or otherwise. That's one reason there are so many different approaches out there; counselling, coaching, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy. If any of them could guarantee a 100% success rate in every case, why would anyone learn, provide or use anything else? They wouldn’t, of course.

In order to have a set of techniques that would work in all circumstances and for all people, I’d have to be sure that all my clients were exactly the same. Everyone with anxiety would have the same type of anxiety. Everyone with a phobia would have to it to the same extent and for the same reason. Everyone that wanted to quit smoking would have the same motivations and challenges. But of course, we know that every person is different, and that means all my clients are different too. If my clients are all different, then their situations and solutions will be different too.

Your world, my words

When I wrote my book about hypnotherapy, this is the title I chose because I thought it reflected very well what goes on in a hypnotherapy session. In order to make my hypnotic suggestions as effective as possible, I have to get into your world, to ask questions and perhaps ask you to think about things in a way that's new to you.

You are unique, with a unique and individual outlook on life. You and I can explore your world together, and I have a set of skills which may well be able to help you change it. But they’ll have to be used in the right way for you.

Building on your motivation

So what does this really mean? Well, we are already off to a good start. Just by being on this site and reading this you are showing that you are no longer willing to live with a problem. You have the motivation and the desire to do something about it, even if you’re not sure what to do. We can begin there.

What I can guarantee

As said, I can’t guarantee I can 'cure' you, and to be honest I don’t even like using the word cure. Resolve, reduce, change, help; all those words are much closer to what I do. However:

If you want to know more then just give me a call. I'm happy to answer any questions you have and to make sure we're a good fit before undertaking to work with you.

My number is 01977 678593.


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deb180.square2Debbie Waller is a professional hypnotherapist, specialising in stress, anxiety and related issues. She also offers EMDR which is used for trauma, PTSD, phobias and OCD and publishes for those interested in using hypnotherapy to relieve the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome.

Debbie owns a multi-accredited hypnotherapy school, Yorkshire Hypnotherapy Training and offers further training for qualified therapists via CPD Expert. She is the author of Their Worlds, Your Words, editor and contributor to the online magazine Hypnotherapy Training & Practitioner, and co-author of The Hypnotherapy Handbook.

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