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Smoking - seven things you may not know

Think you know all about cigarettes? Do you need that extra push to help you quit? Here are seven things you may not know about smoking.

  1. seven things you might not know about smokingUrea, a chemical compound that is a major component in urine, is used to add “flavour” to cigarettes.
  2. Smoking 30 cigarettes a day is like having 30 chest x rays a year.
    Radiation is measured in Sieverts (Sv) or milisieverts (mSv) and smoking a pack and a half a day gives you an annual dose of between 60 and 1650 mSv. To put this in perspective a. the legal limit for nuclear power plant workers is 20 mSv per year b. an abdominal CT scan gives a single dose of 5 to 10 mSv c. living near a nuclear power plant gives a dose of 0.0001 mSv per year

  3. If you can't find your pack, your kids may know where it is. 73% of smokers' children are worried their parents will die due to smoking and many regularly hide the pack to try to stop them.

  4. Ladies who smoke have saggier breasts because the chemicals in cigarettes break down the elastin in the skin which keeps it looking firm and youthful.

  5. The gents don’t get away with it either - those who smoke are more likely to suffer impotence and go bald, probably because of reduced circulation.

  6. Many people are afraid that if they quit they will put on weight. In fact, although short term weight gain is common, in the long term quitters' weights are the same as non smokers.

  7. A study of 1504 people trying to quit showed that over the following three years those who successfully stopped smoking were generally happier and more satisfied with life generally as well as healthier.

Whatever your reasons for quitting, had you considered hypnotherapy to help you?

Although a lot of TV and other ads prioritise methods such as ecigs, patches and gum this is because these products are produced by large companies, who can afford to advertise. Other methods such as hypnotherapy are offered by individual therapists who cannot compete with this kind of budget. It doesn’t mean it might not be the help you need.

A study published in New Scientist as long ago as 1992 said that hypnotherapy was five times as effective as willpower, three times as effective as gum and twice as effective as patches in helping people quit. 

Do contact me if you want to know more about using hypnotherapy to quit.



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deb180.square2Debbie Waller is a professional hypnotherapist, specialising in stress, anxiety and related issues. She also offers EMDR which is used for trauma, PTSD, phobias and OCD and publishes hypnotherapy-for-ibs.co.uk for those interested in using hypnotherapy to relieve the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome.

Debbie owns a multi-accredited hypnotherapy school, Yorkshire Hypnotherapy Training and offers further training for qualified therapists via CPD Expert. She is the author of Their Worlds, Your Words, editor and contributor to the online magazine Hypnotherapy Training & Practitioner, and co-author of The Hypnotherapy Handbook.

For more information on any of these services, phone 01977 678593. 

Researcher & drafter: Rachel Waller.


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