Work toward your goals this summer

summer Most of us have a ‘to do’ list which we mentally look at but often don’t get around to. Maybe you want to get fitter, spend more time with family, or take up a new hobby. In the summer the sunshine and lighter evenings tend to mean we feel more optimistic, energized and open to change. So summer is the right time to shortlist your most important goals and start working on them. 
Keep reading for ideas for you, and a free printable for your kids.

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A stress-free approach to returning to school

school anxietyYes, it’s only July when this is being published, and the old term is just ending. But that’s a really good time to start thinking ahead to September. The beginning of a new school year can be challenging for children, especially if they’re starting school for the first time, or have moved to a new one ... and stress for children often means stress for parents. Preparation on the parents’ part can be a great help, so follow these tips to plan ahead help your kids have a smooth start to the year.

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Being close to nature is good for your mental health

nature2A number of studies show that being close to nature is good for our mental and physical health. A team from UEA’s Norwich Medical School found that being around green space improved wellbeing. It can reduce tiredness, inflammation, stress, depression and anxiety, and even improve your memory and concentration.

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Self care for beginners

selfcare2 So many of my clients do a really good job of looking after other people, but they don't use those skills to care for themselves. They have reasons like 'I don't have time or I have too many responsibilities' but taking care of yourself isn't selfish or neglectful of others, it's essential. There's a good reason that airlines advise you that, in an emergency, you should put your own oxygen mask on before your children's. 

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Mood Food - How your diet can affect your anxiety


Everyone knows a good diet is important to physical health, but it can also help with mental health. Different nutrients affect the brain in different ways, and getting enough of the right ones can help you fight mental illness. Here are some which are especially good for anxiety.


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How exercise can help your mood

Exercise and mental health
Plenty of studies have been done on how exercise can improve physical health, but what’s less well-known is how it can improve mental health as well. The Journal of Psychology recently released an analysis of 38 different studies on this topic, finding a strong link between exercise and mental wellbeing.


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