Hypnosis can help to organise your life

how to get organisedMost of us are a little disorganised at times, which may well be an irritation, but when the strain of being disorganised gets overwhelming, it can start to impact the quality of your life. Hypnosis lets you reverse the process and take back control. Throughout the year many different events and situations arise that can cause us to become stressed, anxious and disorganised. Maybe you're getting married, moving house or even changing job? Or maybe just coping with the demands of everyday life is sometimes too much and you are hurting the people around you by not having the time for them, or forgetting important dates like anniversaries and birthdays?

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How to manage social anxiety

social anxietyProbably one of the most common anxiety disorder is social anxiety. It can create problems in situations that many of us take for granted, like being at the till in a supermarket or even socialising with a group of friends. Social phobia sufferers can isolate themselves from friends and family, which can lead to further problems both in the home and even at the office. But it can be beaten.

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So you want to be normal?

feeling normal'Normal' is a word avoided by therapists - and not just the hypno kind - because it can be judgemental (who wants to be labelled 'abnormal'?), and is not easy to define. But I'm going to explore it here because it is used a lot by clients, who come into my office and say 'I just want to be normal'. The trick to achieving it is for both of us to understand exactly what that means.

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A few facts about hypnosis

hypnosis - facts and tall talesA search for images connected with hypnosis will produce many like the one with this article. Some are even weirder, and some are downright scary. Fainting young ladies and looming, predatory men (usually with goatee beards, though I have yet to work out why). Hypnotists with swinging watches or multi-coloured eyes.

Is it really like that? Find out here.

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Improving your willpower

willpower and how to improve itDo you think you haven't got any willpower? Chances are you do, although it might need a bit of a boost from time to time, and you can take steps to improve it and make it easy to achieve your goals. The "marshmallow study" shows that having willpower has a knock on effect in many areas of life. In this study, some four and five-year-olds were told they could have one sweet now or two later, then they were left alone with the single sweet. 

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Help with panic attacks

reduce panic attacksPanic attacks are sudden and very intense periods of fear, mind visit web stress and anxiety. They may last anything from minutes to hours and there may be no obvious reason for them to happen. If you experience panic attacks and want help in dealing with them, read on.


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