Ten tips for new non smokers

tips to quit smokingIn my experience, lots of smokers plan to quit in the run-up to Christmas as the weather turns colder and darker. So why leave it till the New Year?

Here are ten top tips to help you stay smoke-free once you've quit.


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Mindfulness, and how to do it right

mindfulnessMindfulness and mindful meditation have become very fashionable recently, but don’t let that put you off. It is simple, and often a very effective way of keeping your stress levels down.

You don't need any particular religious or spiritual beliefs to practice mindfulness. In fact, you can be a complete cynic and still benefit! And you can do it anywhere, so it's very convenient.

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Hypnotherapy and anger

anger and hypnotherapyDoes your anger cause you problems?

Most people experience an array of emotions through the course of a day, and in many cases, they are able to express those feelings in an appropriate way. However, there are some that find it difficult to do this, especially with anger. They may think that it’s not acceptable to feel anger at all, and try to hide it or 'bottle it up', or they may lack the skills to express it in a way that's socially acceptable.

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Can I get stuck in trance?

stuck in trance?If you put me into a trance can I get stuck?

The short answer to this is no, but I do understand why many of my clients want this question answered, as the prospect of going into trance, or hypnosis, can feel so different from everyday life that it can be a bit scary.

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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

help with ocdOCD is not just about hand washing, despite the picture. It's defined as an anxiety disorder and around 2-3% of the population suffer from some kind of OCD behaviour. OCD is normally thought of as an adult condition, but it can affect children as well. So can hypnotherapy help?

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Claustrophobia and hypnotherapy

help with claustrophobiaClaustrophobia is anxiety which occurs in confined areas; there is often an element of feeling trapped, without having a way to get out. If you have claustrophobia it can drastically impact on your daily life. It can be felt by anyone at any time and comes in various forms and degrees of severity. Lots of people are not comfortable in enclosed or very small areas, or occasionally feel they have to leave a crowded shopping centre, for example. But for a few, it's a permanent thing and even thinking about such a situation can bring about strong feelings of panic and anxiety.

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