What else can hypnotherapy help with?

Hypnotherapy for relaxation

We all live busy and stressful lives but relaxation shouldn't be something you only do on holiday. If you make it part of your regular routine, relaxation or self-hypnosis can have a profound effect on your feelings of health and wellbeing. Have a look HERE for an overview of some of the studies carried out to support this.

Relaxation or guided meditation sessions can be given on a one-off or regular basis. Self-hypnosis tuition is also available, so you can continue to benefit from your new relaxation techniques at home.

Relaxation sessions or self-hypnosis workshops can be offered to small groups as well as individuals. Please contact me to learn more.


Hypnotherapy for pain control

Historically hypnosis has been used as pain control during childbirth and for long and short-term medical conditions, and even for carrying out operations as an alternative to chemical anaesthetics. You might find this amazing, but if you're interested in learning more about how this still happens, check these out:

Report on how hypnosis pain control might work (from This Morning TV programme) (video)

Dental hypnosis (warning - nothing gory but you can hear the drill!) (video)

CBS report on hypnosis being used in operations

My blog on hypnosis and pain control

I've worked with people diagnosed with arthritis, cancer and other long-term conditions, and many found that self-hypnosis, deep relaxation and/or visualisations were helpful in improving their sense of wellbeing and reducing reported levels of pain.

It's important to realise that hypnosis cannot treat the underlying condition and doesn't take away the need for medical intervention. Also, that pain is the body's warning system and it's important not to try to 'turn it off' without identifying, and treating, the underlying cause. Therefore, learning techniques for this purpose can only be undertaken with your doctor's knowledge and permission.

Please contact me to learn more if you're interested in using hypnosis for this purpose.


Other issues

hypno birthingIf you are motivated and willing to change, hypnotherapy can be used to help you deal with a wide variety of issues. It's an easy, effective and non-invasive way to approach a variety of different problems. I've worked successfully with many issues not yet covered in detail on this site:

  • childbirth and pregnancy
  • motivation
  • tinnitus
  • sports improvement

If you think hypnotherapy might be able to help you, I'm happy to advise about these and other issues.

You are welcome to contact me or to book a free information session to discuss your particular situation before committing yourself to a course of therapy.


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