Hypnotherapy to help you stop smoking

Hypnotherapy to help you stop smoking

Why do you want to stop smoking?

Is it to escape from the health risks and expense? Or to gain the benefits of being a non-smoker? Are you trying to get pregnant, and want to quit smoking for the sake of the baby?  Are you not quite ready to stop, but would like to cut down on cigarettes?

Read on to see if hypnotherapy is the help you've been looking for.

Can hypnotherapy make me stop?

Nothing can make you stop, but hypnosis may be able to help you. As it says elsewhere on this site, hypnosis is not mind-control or a magic wand, but if you really want to stop smoking, it could be just what you need to quit for good. For information on the success rates of hypnosis for smoking cessation, click here.

 Four steps to help you stay stopped

hypnotherapy to stop smokingThe support programme I offer for those who want to stop smoking is broken down into four steps:

Step One: effective preparation

When you make your appointment I'll send you some suggestions for preparing to become a non-smoker. You plan for any change in your life - moving house, changing jobs, even decorating the living room. Stopping smoking is one of the biggest (and best) changes you can make, and careful preparation before the day is a must.

Step Two: your appointment, which will be around two hours.

We'll spend about half of this chatting about you and your relationship with smoking, dealing with any worries you have about becoming a permanent non-smoker and planning your hypnotherapy. During the other half, we'll be working in hypnosis.

Step Three: more support for when you go home

This includes a hypnotic audio designed to help boost your confidence and focus your mind on staying stopped, plus hints, tips and techniques that you can use after the session to help you with the transition to becoming a non-smoker.

Step Four (if you need it): the 'safety net' session

This is offered so that if, within 3 months, you return to smoking, if you are tempted to return to it, become stressed, gain weight, or substitute another unhealthy habit for smoking, you can see me again at no further cost.

I offer a 'couples discount' if both you and your partner want to stop smoking together. (Applies to 2 adults at the same address, separate appointments on the same day.)

 Other programmes

This programme has been developed based on my experience of the needs of most of the smokers I work with.  It's suitable for those who smoke pipes or cigars as well as those who smoke cigarettes. 

Whether you are ready to quit now or prefer to deal with related issues such as stress first, please contact me for advice.