Are you ready to break free from the grip of panic attacks? Hypnotherapy sessions focus on managing your panic attacks, rewiring your thought patterns, and empowering you to face life with confidence and resilience. Get in touch today to see how I can help.

Panic attack symptoms

Panic attacks are sudden and very intense periods of fear, stress and anxiety. They may last anything from minutes to hours and there may be no obvious reason for them to happen. Whether your panic attacks happen during the day or at night (nocturnal panic attacks) they can be scary and unpleasant, and worrying about having them can prevent you from living life the way you want to.

Panic attack physical symptoms include nausea, sweating, trembling, pins and needles, fast breathing rate and/or irregular heartbeat. These often come with negative thoughts such as:

  • Thinking that you may lose control and/or go “mad”.
  • Thinking that you might die or are dying.
  • Thinking that you may have a heart attack, be sick, faint, or have a brain tumour.
  • Feeling that people are looking at you and aware of your anxiety.
  • Feeling as though things are speeding up or slowing down.
  • Feeling detached from your environment.
  • Feeling you want to escape from the situation.
  • Feeling on edge and extra-alert to everything around you.

Coping with panic attacks

There are some things you can do to help yourself if you have panic attacks. Download this free flyer and try them out.

But you may find it easier with the help of a therapist who can show you what to do in case of a panic attack, help you find the causes of your panic attacks, and offer therapy techniques that will help you manage, reduce or eliminate them.

Is hypnotherapy useful for panic attacks?

The causes of panic vary, but triggers can include high-stress experiences such as bereavement, illness, job loss, and changes in your environment. Genetics and temperament can also play a part.

For many people, hypnotherapy is an effective way of reducing panic and anxiety. Therapy for panic is likely to include teaching you coping strategies and also taking a look at wider issues such as stress, and other lifestyle factors that might be adding to the problem. We may also bring in other therapies such as EMDR/BLAST if it seems appropriate.

If you’re living with panic and want to take back control of your life, get in touch to find out more about how I can help.