Discover the potential of hypnotherapy in helping you to calm your gut and help reduce symptoms of IBS.

Often called gut-directed hypnotherapy, sessions focus on relaxation techniques and rewiring the mind’s response to stressors, potentially leading to a reduction in IBS symptoms. Embrace a journey towards comfort and tranquillity. To find out how it can help you:

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Treatment for Irritable Bowel Syndrome

A change in diet can help control some IBS symptoms. Download this free information, based on the NICE (the National Institute for Clinical Excellence) guidelines. Please use it in conjunction with advice from your GP.

NICE also suggests the use of psychological therapies, including hypnotherapy, especially for people whose IBS has not responded to medication within 12 months. Dr Whorwell at the University Hospital of South Manchester (UK), showed that hypnotherapy helped 70-80% of people in this group. And (unlike medication), it continued to work for a while after the treatments stopped. You can find out more about hypnotherapy and IBS on my IBS FAQ page.

IBS Therapy

Dr Whorwell’s work inspired an approach called gut-directed hypnotherapy. This is what I offer. It uses relaxation, visualisation, and hypnosis to help you cope better with stress and reduce your IBS symptoms. We can also look at other aggravating factors, such as reducing anxiety, hypnotic pain control, making healthy food choices, quitting smoking or vaping, and improving your sleep.

Dr Whorwell‘s patients had up to twelve sessions, but because of the need to compare identical sessions, treatments were standardised. I work with individuals so your therapy is adapted to you. I generally suggest you start with a block of four or six sessions, depending on your circumstances.

You should see a doctor for a proper diagnosis of Irritable Bowel Syndrome before you start using hypnotherapy to help with the symptoms. You will also need to be willing to listen to audios at home and spend some time using self-hypnosis and related techniques.

To find out more about hypnotherapy and IBS, please see my IBS FAQs page or contact me for more information.