How to reduce anxiety and worry

anxietyblogAnxiety is thought to be the mind's way of protecting us by making us careful of unknown or potentially dangerous situations. It's meant to be useful, but like an overprotective parent, it can be a problem when we become so 'protected' that we find it difficult to do things, or our quality of life is affected. 

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How hypnotherapy could have helped Miss Muffett!

curdsandwheyWhen I first became a Hypnotherapist I discovered that hypnosis is a topic that everyone has a view on, but not many people know much about. Thanks to the stage and TV, lots of people have an idea that hypnosis is about clucking like a chicken, or dancing like Elvis. Not something that would inspire you to look at it as a way of dealing with your personal problems unless perhaps you are an Elvis impersonator with stage fright! 

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Hypnosis for pain control

painHow does hypnosis help with pain? The honest answer to this is we don't know, although there is a long history of it being used in this way. John Elliotson (1791-1868), for example, a professor at London University Hospital, found that patients could undergo major surgery using trance as their only anaesthetic.

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How to choose the right therapist

choosingblogComplementary therapies are becoming very popular, and the range of therapies - and therapists - on offer can seem vast. So how do you even begin to choose?

The provision of most therapies is unregulated by law, or only subject to voluntary regulation, which makes it difficult to sort out those who are reliable and well trained from those who aren't. So here's my guide to picking the right person to help you. 

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7 ways to boost your self esteem

confidenceblogA good level of self-esteem helps us deal with life better, but sometimes it takes a knock.

How can you rebuild it so you feel happier and more confident?

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