Eight Top Ways to Cope with Holiday Stress

cope better with holiday stressThere are any number of reasons the holiday season can be hard. Financial or family stresses are common, and the pressure to enjoy yourself can make enjoyment even harder. Whether you're celebrating Christmas or some other holiday season, these top tips will help you have a happier holiday.


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What is Negative Thinking?

Negative ThinkingFollowing on from last month’s article on Positive Thinking, (here) I’m going to have a look now at negative thinking, which is something a lot of my clients experience. Negativity gets a lot of bad press, but it’s a normal part of life, and can often be dealt with in a healthy manner. If negative thoughts spread out of control they can become a severe nuisance, but they may serve a purpose and, if so, shouldn’t be ignored. 

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What do you really know about positive thinking?

Positive thinkingPositive thinking is a hot topic in self-help and mental health circles recently and seems to have many benefits, so I thought I would give it a look. Many studies have shown that positivity allows for better health, skill development, greater success, more productivity - and even longer life. But having said that, we still have to be cautious.



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Hypnosis in History: Dr John Elliotson

John ElliotsonFollowing in the footsteps of Mesmer, Dr John Elliotson (1791-1868) built further on the medical uses of hypnosis, even founding a 'mesmerist hospital' in 1849. Unfortunately, his legitimate work became mixed with false ideas and frauds and caused massive scandal in the strict Victorian society. The son of a well-known London chemist, Elliotson studied medicine in the Edinburgh, Cambridge, and London Universities. In 1831 he became a professor of the 'principles and practice of physic', and was well-liked for his intelligent and lively lectures, which were often reported in the medical news.

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5 fun facts about hypnosis

unusual facts about hypnosis

Hypnosis comes with a lot of baggage. Ideas about what it can and can't do come from stage shows, movies and books, and are often misinformed or just plain scary. I'm always happy to answer any questions you have about it, but here are a few facts you might find interesting.

It's also a good opportunity to say a word about the difference between hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

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