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Work related stress - information for employers

Although there is no law dealing specifically with stress at work, as an employer your Health and Safety responsibilities include protecting your employees against the negative effect of long term job related stress. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has included work related stress into its health and safety audits since 2003. Despite this, according to the HSE (website, accessed October 2013) the latest Work Force Survey shows

  • The total number of cases of stress in 2011/12 was 428 000 (40%) out of a total of 1,073,000 for all work-related illnesses
  • The estimated cases of work-related stress, both total and new cases, have remained broadly flat over the past decade
  • The industries that reported the highest rates of total cases of work-related stress (three-year average) were human health and social work, education and public administration and defence
  • The occupations that reported the highest rates of total cases of work-related stress (three-year average) were health professionals (in particular nurses), teaching and educational professionals, and caring personal services (in particular welfare and housing associate professionals)
  • The main work activities attributed by respondents as causing their work-related stress, or making it worse, was work pressure, lack of managerial support and work-related violence and bullying
Wellbeing and resilience training for your staff

work stressMany complementary therapists offer help with work related stress, but in the end only provide relaxation. Whilst this has its part to play, real stress management is so much more.

Because I am trained in a wide variety of disciplines, I can offer a more varied and effective approach. Contact me for details of cost effective stress awareness or reduction training for staff:

  • bespoke and 'off the shelf' options available
  • one to one stress management coaching at your work place or at my clinic
  • anger management and assertiveness training
  • presentations, workshops and seminars for staff at all levels

I am also happy to discuss providing pastoral support for your employees, such as one to one counselling help with smoking cessation, weight control and other issues providing a discounted or subsidised service to those of your employees who choose to see me privately outside your place of work.

Contact me or see my specific Stress Management website for more information


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