Paying for your therapy sessions

You can pay by cheque or cash at the time of your appointment. I am also happy to receive bank transfers, please contact me for details.

If you prefer to use a credit or debit card, or a PayPal account you need to do this before coming to your appointment as our clinic does not have a reliable internet connection to process these on site. Just use the buttons below. If you pay online less than 24 hours before your appointment, please bring your receipt to your appointment as proof of payment.


Prices for hypnotherapy and EMDR

chequeExcept for the smoking programme and IBS programmes (see below) you pay for the number of sessions you need. The first session is charged at the same rate as later ones, even though it is longer. Prices also include an audio track to listen to at home to support the session work. This can be provided on a CD or memory stick, or as a download.

Block bookings: you can save by paying for a block of four or more sessions in advance. This does not, of course, guarantee that you will take exactly four sessions to resolve your problem. Additional sessions (if you need them) are charged at the same reduced rate as your block booking. If you do not need all the sessions you have paid for, a proportional refund will be made. I am happy to provide you with a copy of my full terms and conditions on request.

How many sessions will you need? - click for advice.



Hypnotherapy/EMDR Prices

To qualify for offer prices you must pay for the whole block of sessions at one time.


Hypnotherapy for IBS programme:

The IBS programme consists of four to six sessions. You can pay £65 each time you come, purchase a short course of four sessions for £230 with the option to top up if you need to, or pay £330 for all six sessions at session one.

Chose how to pay


Four step smokers programme:

See HERE for details of what's included.

One person £150 -  Couples discount (two adults at the same address, stopping on the same day) £270. 

smokers sessions


The vast majority of people can use hypnotherapy safely. However, there are a few for whom it might not be suitable. Please note that I reserve the right to refuse treatment if this applies to you. Obviously, in this case, your money would be refunded in full, but if in doubt please check with me before paying.