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a guide to online hypnotherapy

A guide to online hypnotherapy

Maybe you had never considered having therapy online, but it’s a real and viable alternative to face-to-face meetings and much less likely to be interrupted by local lockdowns etc.

Is it effective?

Yes, a 2014 study showed that it’s just as effective as face-to-face therapy. And others show that

  • significant improvements are possible with online therapy

  • results are equal, or in some cases better, to that of in-person therapy

  • client satisfaction is high.

If you’re still not sure, I am happy to arrange a brief chat online to allow you to test it out.

How it works

Online therapy is very similar to coming to a clinic, but without the travel! You give me a ring to chat through your situation and we arrange a time and date that suits us both.

You complete my online intake form and make payment 24 hours before the session and, when the time comes, you click on a link to enter your session.


You feel safe and secure in your own home.

No travel time or costs.

No interruptions to your therapy due to local lockdowns, self-isolation issues etc.

The challenges (and what we can do about them)

The level of confidentiality is not as much under my control as it is in my clinic. It depends in part on the actions or failures of the online provider we use, as well as on myself. 

Also about confidentiality, you need to ensure you are in a place where others cannot interrupt or overhear you. See the advice on this below. 

Some people worry about the connection being broken during hypnosis, although in practice this is rarely a problem. But (just in case) I always include a suggestion that if you don’t hear my voice for a few minutes you will bring yourself out of trance feeling wonderful, and we can reconnect.

What do I need to provide?

  • A screen with an internet connection and Zoom installed. It is possible to access a Zoom meeting without an account but, in my experience, it works better if you have one. A free account is all you’ll need.

  • Bigger screens are better than small ones, and if you are using a phone or tablet, you’ll need to prop it up on something rather than hold it in your hand. (If you relax during trance enough to drop it, I can only see your ceiling!)

  • A place where you will not be overheard or interrupted by family, pets, phones, etc. This is partly to ensure your confidentiality but also to help you get the most from your therapy. Constantly breaking off to check on that worrying silence from your kids, for example, or to see whether the puppy is chewing your new shoes, will very likely have an impact on your success rates.

  • A comfortable place to sit or recline. Laying down is OK, but you may be more inclined to drop asleep laid on a bed, especially if you are tired.

  • Warm clothing - because many people don't move around much in trance, you may become chilled.

  • A second way of contacting you is useful, just in case we get cut off.

  • An open mind and a desire for change.

Interested? Please contact me.

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